Gift Ideas for the Husband Who Has Everything

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If you're married to a man who already has everything he wants, holidays can be quite a challenge. There are hundreds of gizmos and gadgets out there, but you want something special, something affordable and something that won't just sit in the back of his closet. If this sounds like a familiar predicament, you may need to take a more creative approach toward finding the perfect present.

Homemade Touch

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If you enjoy crafts or don't want to spend a fortune on a item your husband will barely use, make him a gift instead. If your husband is concerned about the environment, you could even use recycled materials, cutting down on waste and making the gift even more special. Decorate or create a picture frame displaying a picture of the two of you, or frame a collage of vacations or special moments. If you enjoy sewing and your husband likes to cook, make him an apron. If he's a businessman, make him a special tie in his favorite color, a framed poem for his office or cufflinks from typewriter keys, camera gears or something else unique to his interests. If he enjoys gardening, give him a personally decorated pot holding a small tree or flowers.

A Special Memory

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Put a little spice back in your relationship and give your husband a gift he'll always remember by cooking him a special meal, complete with flutes of champagne and a decadent dessert. Give him a "gift certificate" for a sensual full-body massage from you, or accompany him to a spa for a professional deep-relaxation treatment for couples. Arrange for a horse-back riding trip and a picnic, a romantic hot-air balloon ride or a drive in a limousine on your way to a fancy restaurant.

An Experience

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If your husband is a thrill-seeker, he might enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, such as driving a NASCAR racing car or learning to fly a plane. Send him to a cooking class if he enjoys being in the kitchen or to a building class if he likes using power tools. Rent him a high-end car for an hour so that he can drive around town with you, schedule a wine-tasting tour, or send him skydiving or hang-gliding. Arrange for an activity that your husband has mentioned wanting to do in the past or that suits his personal tastes.


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If your husband has everything, give him something that's uniquely his, something that no one else has. Give him a personal subscription to a cheese-, fruit-, beer-, wine- or dessert-of-the-month club, or a set of cocktail glasses with an inscription of his initials. If your husband uses a laptop, a tablet or a portable music player, give him a personalized case; if he enjoys smoking cigars, give him a personalized lighter and humidor box. Almost any item can be personalized; other possible personalized gifts might include a portable beverage container, set of pens, eyeglass case, wallet, watch, portrait, fragrance or golf ball set. If you don't mind giving your husband something less tangible, consider giving him a star, a tree planted in the rainforest or a donation in his name to a cause he supports.