Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Passed the Bar Exam

Daniel Vineyard/Hemera/Getty Images

Passing the bar exam is no small feat. Celebrate the occasion with your favorite new lawyer by offering a gift related to her field, or one that may come in handy once she lands work with a legal practice. A humorous gift helps remind her not to get too serious no matter how hard or overwhelming a new job becomes.

Useful Memberships

Purchase a membership to the local bar association as a gift that keeps on giving, in the form of networking opportunities. Networking with other members offers the chance to meet lawyers at firms she may be interested in working for or may allow her to find an unannounced job opening. A bus pass -- or prepaid parking, if she own a car -- cuts down on expenses for the lawyer that already has a job offer lined up. A gym membership near her new workplace or home offers the chance to keep the body well-exercised before or after a full day of mental workouts.

Appropriate Attire

Unless the new lawyer has already spent time interning at a firm or working in an office environment, his wardrobe may be a bit lacking in work-appropriate attire. Purchase ties, suits or button-down shirts for a man you are close to, or offer a gift certificate to a quality business-clothing store for a new male or female lawyer. Sharp work-friendly shoes set a good impression at the new job. Offer a gift certificate to a quality shoe store or take the new lawyer shoe shopping as a surprise gift, ensuring a perfect fit.

Help for the Home

A new job may mean a new schedule with early waking hours. Offer an alarm clock that doubles as a smartphone dock, along with a spare battery-powered alarm clock as backup in case of an outage. A coffee or tea pot with a built-in timer ensures a fresh, hot beverage is waiting just in time for breakfast. Offer a version that brews directly into a travel mug for the person continually rushing out the door. A meal or snack service that delivers weekly or monthly food and treats ensures she always has something healthy to eat, even when her busy schedule allows little time to cook.

Just for Fun

A humor-injected gift helps the recipient remember that while the work is important, so is a little bit of fun. Offer a watch or clock that shows billable-hour increments instead of the usual minutes and hours as a humorous poke at lawyer billing. A legal-themed board game or chess set provides a bit of themed fun and relaxation when not at work, or offer a book full of lawyer jokes that are sure to bring a few smiles and groans when read aloud.