Gift Ideas for Nice Young Girls About 28 Years Old

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During the late twenties life can get pretty hectic. Whether she is raising children, attending graduate school, climbing the career ladder or traveling the world, it is likely her life is jam-packed with commitments. The key to selecting the perfect gift for a woman in her twenties is to understand her daily lifestyle and hobbies. No matter what her personality, there are a whole host of options out there to match her style and taste.

Fashion Follower

For young women who always look impeccably groomed, a fashion gift is the way to go. If she wears professional attire for work, a sophisticated set of leather gloves, a leather purse or bold statement jewelry are all suitable options. Only select clothing if you are absolutely certain of her dress size; otherwise you risk causing offense if you predict her size as too big, or embarrassment if too small. Accessories or a gift certificate for a clothing store aimed at her age group are both safe options that she will appreciate.

Fitness Fanatic

Many young women enjoy taking care of themselves by either attending the gym or fitness classes such as yoga, dance or aerobics. If she enjoys keeping fit and healthy, select an accessory that can help her in daily workout. A new yoga mat, music gift certificate, gym bag or digital stepometer are all practical gifts that relate to her fitness hobby.

Deep Thinker

If she is still in graduate school or likes to challenge herself mentally, select a gift that encourages her passion for a particular subject. Books make thoughtful gifts, whether a first edition by her favorite author or a reference book to help with her professional studies. For a woman who likes to own the latest gadgets, purchase an e-book reader that will allow her to download and read copies of digital books on the handheld device.

Doting Mother

For many women, their late twenties is a time to buy a house and begin a family. If she is already a mother, it is likely she gets little opportunity to relax because her time is taken up looking after her children. Put together a pamper gift basket to allow her the chance to relax and have time for herself. Alternatively, moms adore displaying photos of their little ones, and there are many gifts to help her do so. Purchase a digital photo frame on her behalf so that she can display her best-loved family photographs in a continuous slide-show sequence.