Gift Ideas for Grandkids for Valentine's Day

grandparents with grandchild image by Pavel Losevsky from

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples who want to be romantic. This holiday can also be a fun time for grandparents to shower love and affection on their grandchildren, and they can do this by giving memorable gifts to them. Grandparents can find ideas for gifts by observing their grandchildren's conversations and figuring out their favorite things in the process.

Boxed Baked Goods

If your grandchildren enjoy your signature cookies, package them in parchment paper pieces, put them in medium-sized shoe boxes and take them to the kids. To make it extra special, put pictures that you took of yourselves with the grandchildren on the sides and top of the shoe boxes along with a small card that expresses your love for them.

Homemade Valentine's Day Coloring Book

If you or your spouse is an artist, get 10 long sheets of typing paper and draw large pictures on them that pertain to Valentine's Day such as friendships, love and helping others. Then staple the pages together and on the cover page, write a funny Valentine's Day message with a colored marker.

Magazine Subscription

If you have teenage grandchildren who love to read certain magazines, consider a magazine subscription. For example, your teenage granddaughter in college may enjoy reading Entrepreneur magazine because she plans to own a business one day, and a gift subscription will help her achieve her dreams.