Gift Ideas for a Violin Recital

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For many violin players, countless hours of practice finally pay off when they're able to perform a recital in front of their family, friends and other avid music lovers. Do your part by clapping passionately as the last notes fade, and then take some time to truly recognize the musician in your life with a thoughtful gift. Buy a music-related gift, choose a thoughtful accessory or think of a way to celebrate the accomplishment.

Gifts That Are 'In Tune'

Find a special violin-related gift that will wow the musician and stand above the generic gifts of flowers. Buy tickets to an upcoming violin concert in your city or state or opt for a CD or gift card to digitally download the musician's favorite violinist or musical group. Have the musician's favorite piece of music framed for her office or practice room wall. Check with your city's arts center to determine if any music workshops are on the schedule. If you're lucky, you'll be able to get tickets to a workshop with a celebrated violinist.

For Practice and Performing

Think of a gift that the musician can use during practices and future recitals. It's a little much to buy a new violin for the musician, but a gift card at a local music shop or a voucher for a violin setup are gifts the musician can look forward to using. Practice-related gifts, such as a new metronome, music stand or a set of new violin strings, can play a key role as she develops her craft. Formal attire, such as a new pair of shoes or a tie, are thoughtful gifts for future recitals.

Recognize the Occasion

Taking your own photos at the recital might be prohibited or impractical, but music recital organizers often hire a professional photographer to document the occasion. Get in touch with the photographer and buy a print of the musician that you can frame and present to him at a later date. If the recital is the musician's first, put together a custom framed display that includes a photo, the program and a family snapshot from after the event.

Time to Celebrate

Take the performer out to dinner or go for drinks after the recital if you're not sure of a material gift to give. A family dinner is often customary after a music recital, and provides an opportunity to hear about the musician's on-stage experience and share your enthusiasm of his performance. A kids' entertainment center with interactive games is appropriate for a young musician; for an adult, visit a fine dining establishment or celebrate with drinks at a lounge. You can also throw a backyard barbecue, where the musician can do a repeat performance, at a later date.