Gift Ideas for a Secretary

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A secretary holds a special place within an organization, often handling much more than his employer knows about. A gift shows appreciation for this hardworking member of the company and lets him know his efforts do not go unnoticed. Giving a gift that he may enjoy for personal use or a present that makes his work day a little easier, shows you've put thought into the purchase, rather than just buying a random trinket for him.

Tablet Time

A tablet-based computer is a gift a secretary of any gender may enjoy, appropriate for both in-office and home use. Tablets, which take the place of many activities formerly handled by a computer, are light enough to keep in a purse or messenger bag. Long battery life means the tablet comes in handy for a commute to and from work each day. If you opt for a tablet designed as an e-reader, include a subscription so she can enjoy free e-books and downloads for a year or at least a few months.

Goodie Basket

If your secretary has been with the company a while, you've probably noticed some of the treats or beverages he enjoys at work. Offer a basket filled with some of his favorite treats, such as a favorite organic coffee and a mug with his name on it or a box of chocolates from a favorite independent, local candy shop, and an assortment of other locally sourced treats. Include a gift card to one of his favorite after-work hangouts or nearby coffee shops.

A Personal Touch

Everyone deserves a relaxing or fun day or night out once in a while. Offer a "spa day" gift, featuring a free massage, pedicure or day at a spa, or tickets to a favorite sporting event for a sports enthusiast. A gift of pampering or fun shows the secretary you care about her as a person instead of just as an employee and that you realize that she deserves quality time away from work.

Office Inspiration

Gifts geared toward office use also show the secretary he deserves the best. Give a quality pen set, along with a quality portfolio case, messenger bag or computer bag. A set of quality pint glasses or wine glasses etched with the company logo serves as a gift she can use at home, or if she is a golfer, offer a set of customized golf tees, a towel and golf balls emblazoned with your company logo.