Gift Ideas for a Golden Wedding Anniversary

The Golden anniversary celebrates a couple's fiftieth wedding anniversary, and is traditionally symbolized with the precious metal gold. Whether it is jewelry, a writing instrument, a clock or some other article, gold can be purchased to suit a range of budgets and provides a treasured memory to memorialize a couple's life together. Other gift ideas include more sentimental ideas as well as vacation or party planning.

Sentimental Gifts

Gold is unquestionably the most popular item for purchase to celebrate a Golden anniversary. Since golden items range in price from modest to extravagantly expensive, the gift-giver has a variety of choices, ranging from a large golden statue to smaller items such as matching rings, pens or coins. For those who cannot or do not wish to purchase gold for their Golden anniversary gift, perhaps opt for a more sentimental purchase like a collection of music or films popular at the time that the two were first wed.

Golden Gift Ideas

A thoughtful, creative way to personalize your gift is to assess hobbies the couple enjoys together. Whether they enjoy birdwatching, journaling, photography, collecting coins, playing cards or some other activity, there is a gift idea that can be thoughtfully presented to celebrate their individual taste. If the couple enjoys collecting coins, perhaps they might enjoy a gold coin produced the year they were first married. If they enjoy writing or journaling, perhaps a gold pen. If photography or birdwatching is their hobby, perhaps or a gold photo frame to display a photograph of the couple enjoying a favorite activity. Be creative and you will find the gift that is personally tailored to celebrate the special couple in your life.

Golden Events

For less restricted budgets, a gift trip to Australia's Gold Coast would be a lifelong treasure for the happy couple. Reported to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful vacation destinations in the world, the Gold Coast would be an unforgettably touching and romantic way to celebrate a Golden Anniversary. Another great gift idea would be to plan a surprise party for the couple, inviting their oldest and dearest friends who would share stories about how the couple first met and the special qualities exhibited throughout their long, happy marriage.