Gift Ideas for a Best Friend Who's Turning 33

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Help your best friend celebrate her 33rd birthday by giving her a gift she will remember. Consider what she likes and let that help you with your gift giving decision. Whether you're on a tight budget or not, you can come up with some creative birthday gift ideas that will let your best friend know she is appreciated.

Health/ Wellness Gift

Once an individual surpasses 30, he might start worrying about his health a little bit more. A wellness gift can ease his sense of well-being and help encourage a healthy change in his life -- if needed. There are plenty of gifts to choose from in this category. The key is to find something you think he will enjoy. If your best friend enjoys food, give him healthy cooking lessons. If you notice him complaining about his weight, give him a pre-paid membership to a local gym. As an added bonus, join the gym also to show your support. If he is dealing with any type of extremely stressful situation, treat him to a relaxing day of pampering at a spa.

Meaningful Gifts

Best friends often send a lot of time together, creating a life time of memories. Take some of those memories and create a meaningful gift to give to your best friend for her 33rd birthday. Gather pictures from past events, including vacations together and childhood pictures. Create a scrapbook or photo album, complete with funny comments and stories recapturing the memories of those moments. If you're computer savvy, create a slide show and copy it to a DVD. Include narration, background music and animation. Powerpoint and Windows Movie Maker provide easy to use tools to help you create a gift that will last a lifetime.

Best friends Only Retreat

Surprise your best friend with an all expense paid weekend getaway for his 33rd birthday. If you have the budget to do so, splurge and book a vacation to an exotic, Caribbean island. Cheaper getaway options are available if you don't have the funds to splurge. Find a hotel or resort within a hour or two drive from your area and reserve a room there. Plan a weekend of activities that he may enjoy. Bring a camera to capture the memories that the two of you will create.