Gift Ideas for a 60-Year-Old Sister

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Whether celebrating a holiday, special occasion or simply "just because," giving your 60-year-old sister a gift can represent the deepest sign of respect and love. For a sister that has shared her emotions with you for so many years, a carefully selected gift can show how much you appreciate her.


When you're running short on time, purchasing a gift from a local store can be a perfect way to show appreciation for your sister. Candles would be thoughtful and come in so many different sizes and scents. You can pick out several candles to make a display with, you can choose seasonal scents that spark the memory of certain holidays, or you can pick out a fragrance that reminds you of your sister. Stationery is another idea. Pick patterns and designs that might appeal to your sister. Since you have mutual family members and your sister will most likely use the stationery to write to these family members, it is also a way to show your personal connection to her. Flowers are another gift idea. They brighten any room and provide fragrant beauty.


Use a personal talent to make a gift for your sister. The added time and thought put into the gift will really show. If you are able to crochet, making a scarf or shawl for your sister is something that is not only useful, but also beautiful. If your talents are in the arts and crafts field, make a scrapbook for your sister. With 60 years of memories to incorporate, there is more than enough content to work with for this idea. Use old photographs from your youth and dry flowers to include with written memories. If 60 years seems to be overwhelming, try making a scrapbook based on a single event or trip that you and your sister experienced together. A framed family portrait is another handmade gift that you can give your sister. Find a clear picture of your family, take it to a store with a photo department to print a bigger version of the picture or make it black-and-white, then frame it in an elegant frame.


If you are running low on money, making coupon books is a free, creative way to show appreciation for your sister. Simply write things in a small book that you will later be able to provide. One coupon idea is to give a "Free back massage." After your sister receives this coupon, let her know that you will give her a massage anytime she wants. Another coupon idea is to clean your sister's house. On the coupon, you can write "Free housecleaning" or you can specify a specific room, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Instead of chores, coupons can also mention trips or activities. A coupon for "A trip to the country" could mean that you will plan a winery tour for a weekend getaway with your sister.

Gift Cards/Certificates

You can also buy your sister a gift card or gift certificate. Either purchase a gift card for a store that she likes to shop at or indulge her with a restaurant gift certificate. To make the gift more personalized, try finding a gift certificate that you two can enjoy together, such as a day spa or train tour.