Gift Ideas for a 47th Wedding Anniversary

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Gifts associated with wedding anniversaries date back to 1922, when Emily Post published the book "Etiquette." Today, you can purchase traditional items associated with wedding anniversaries, but the list has been updated with modern gift ideas. There is not a traditional wedding gift for 47 years of marriage, but books are listed as a modern gift idea.

Autographed Books

Purchase an autographed book for a 47th wedding anniversary gift. Find out the favorite author of the gift recipient to see if you can purchase an autographed copy. Boutique book stores that specialize in finding rare books are a good place to start. If the author is still living, contact the publisher to see if there is a possibility of getting an autographed copy of a book.

Anniversary Scrapbook

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Gather pictures from all 47 years of marriage and put together a scrapbook. The scrapbook can include poems, letters, wedding day photos, photos of important family events and keepsakes that have been collected over the years. Try to leave blank pages at the end of the scrapbook so the happy couple can add future photos and memories.

Book Gift Set

Give book gift sets for an anniversary gift. Choose gift sets from the gift recipient's favorite author. You can also choose a gift set that includes works from different authors from a favorite genre.

E-book Reader

An e-book reader is a perfect 47th anniversary gift for a techie. Download the gift recipient's favorite books ahead of time to get him started on his e-book collection. You can also include a gift certificate for e-books so the gift recipient can start purchasing his own collection. If you are giving the e-book reader to a couple, download a couple of books for each person so they both have something to read.