Gift Ideas for a 36th Wedding Anniversary

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No traditional gift, flower or gemstone is associated with the 36th anniversary, but the modern gift for this anniversary is bone china. Anniversaries that aren't considered traditional milestones don't garner much commercial attention. However, each year a couple celebrate being together is a milestone for them, and the anniversary deserves to be recognized.


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A complete service of china might be fitting for a couple who don't have one or who entertain often. If they already have a service, perhaps an additional matching or complementary piece would work. If the couple enjoy tea, a new bone china tea service that complements their living or dining room decor would be appropriate.

China Cabinet

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A new china cabinet or hutch would be appropriate to display a china set. If the couple don't have a cabinet, or if they could use a new one, this may be a good collective gift from the entire family.


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Flowers can make a nice anniversary gift, even if a particular flower isn't associated with the anniversary. A bouquet of 36 flowers, particularly the couple's favorite flower or the same flowers that were in the original bridal bouquet, would be appropriate.


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Ceramic keepsakes create another option to keep with the bone china theme. Personalized coffee mugs, vases, plaques, plates, picture frames, jewelry boxes or statues might be fitting for a couple who drink a lot of coffee or display similar knickknacks. Visiting a ceramics shop that allows you to paint your own, or sending the couple to do this together, can further personalize the gift.

Sentimental Gifts

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Stray from the traditional gift of bone china and create a one-of-a-kind sentimental gift instead. Make a slideshow, video or scrapbook for the couple highlighting something special from each year of their marriage. Ask family and friends to contribute pictures or share memories for the project.


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For those who can afford it, a romantic trip for two would likely be appreciated by the couple. To keep with the 36th anniversary bone china theme, consider a trip to China or a tour of the Lenox bone china factory in North Carolina.


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Throw an anniversary party for the couple that focuses and reflects on their 36 years of marriage, if time with family and friends would mean more to the couple than material gifts. Take pictures and record the party to put a scrapbook or video together for the couple after the party.


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Put together a basket of small items that husband and wife can use together. For example, if they always drink a cup of coffee together to start their day, fill a basket with matching ceramic mugs and gourmet coffees. If the couple are receiving a trip or cruise as a gift, add small items to the basket that they can use during their trip. For example, fill the basket with sunglasses, sunscreen or travel accessories. For a couple who enjoy wine, fill the basket with a bottle of wine from the year they were married, engraved wine glasses and gourmet cheeses.