Gift Ideas for a 28 Year Old Woman

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Having not yet reached the age of 30, yet feeling perhaps more settled than her younger 20s counterparts, the matured yet fun-loving, young-spirited late-20s woman is something of a puzzle in terms of gift-buying. Capturing her refined taste and youthful disposition in the form of a present can show how well you appreciate and understand her.

Day at the Spa

While most any woman would enjoy a day of pampering, this is a perfect gift for the working or stay-at-home 28-year-old who wants to look and feel nice, and treat herself to a day away from her normal responsibilities. From pedicures to facials to massages, spa treatments are a perfect gift for any occasion, and can often be purchased in the form of a gift card, to be used at the recipient’s leisure. Research shows the negative effects of stress on the body and mind, and she is at an age where she cannot afford to have it etch lines on her face. While a day of relaxation and indulging the senses may not alter the outside environment or stimuli, it can certainly change her inner energy, if only for a few well-cherished hours.

Cooking Class

Whether your special 28-year-old is a gourmand or someone who does not usually cook, giving her a prepaid course in her favorite cuisine or type of food is a thoughtful way to allow her time and money to do something for herself that she might not think to do on her own. While her newly acquired skills may benefit her loved ones as well, the class will be a sensuous , delicious escape from her workday or weekly routine, and a productive and relaxing use of her time. While at this age, she may be finished with her schooling, learning a new skill, especially one that results in tasting and creating wonderful things, can be inspiring and refreshing.

Diamond Studs

Because the 28-year-old is most likely no longer attending keg parties, rather cocktail and corporate events, her accessories similarly display this shift in taste and maturity. A pair of diamond studs is universally classic and lovely, and can be worn for almost any occasion and with almost any outfit. While she may still like to sleep late on Sundays and lounge in her sweatpants, this gift option is elegant and easygoing, sophisticated yet youthful. The cliche, "she will wear this for the rest of her life" holds true with this gift, for there is no occasion or ensemble for which a pair of diamonds lighting her face will not be the perfect complement.

Ballet Tickets

Whether she donned tutus each Wednesday and pirouetted en pointe, or ran track, tickets to see a local, well-reputed dance company is a fun and thoughtful gift for the 28-year-old woman in your life. Escaping to Swan Lake or The Nutcracker’s whimsical world of lithe, spinning figures and beautiful music and costumes is a treat for a late-20s woman who still feels girlish at heart, and will be something that you can enjoy together. Nearly every woman loves having an occasion to get dressed up for, so this gives her an excuse not only to beautify herself, but to watch beauty enacted for her on stage.