Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Boy

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Choosing a gift for a 13-year-old boy can be challenging as this is a time when adolescents go through major changes, possibly taking on new and different interests at home and school. But if you're attentive to how he spends his time, alone and with friends, it will offer clues to the right gift.

Electronic Kits

Do-it-yourself electronic kits are ideal for 13-year-old boys who love to tinker. An electronic kit encourages exploration and learning, and can even include a parent as a collaborator or supervisor. Do-it-yourself electric kits gifts typically include building instructions for light bulbs, electric motors, generators and robots.

Sports and Hobby Equipment

Depending on the type of sport or hobby that a 13-year-old boy is interested in, gifts that take into consideration personal interests are best. Baseball, basketball and football equipment work if your teen has interest in those sports. Find the teenager's interests and choose the gift accordingly. School extracurricular activities should offer a hint of gifts to consider.

Video Games

Video games provide entertainment for 13-year-olds and teenage boys in general. New video game systems and games for a 13-year-old's current gaming system provides hours of entertainment and often are gifts that boys appreciate. In considering the video game genre, racing, sports or other action games are popular, or ask for recommendations from family and friends.


The early teenage years are a good time for 13-year-old boys to learn principles of saving and money management. The gift of money or cash can be a great way to teach these kinds of principles. Giving cash as a gift is good because it allows the 13-year-old boy to manage it on his own, figuring out prices and taxes as he goes along. Prepaid debit cards also are good gifts because many prepaid debit cards have the option of depositing additional money onto the card, an activity that the 13-year-old boy can choose to do after the money runs out. Also, consider giving money in the form of a custodial stock market or money-market account, certificate of deposit or some other low-risk investment vehicle. This gives the opportunity for the 13-year-old boy to learn more about investing and money management.