Gift Ideas for 80-Year-Old Men

dolgachov/iStock/Getty Images

Reaching the age of 80 is no small feat, and you can show your fondness for the octogenarian man in your life with a thoughtful gift. By this age, the man might have everything he wants or needs, so dig deep and choose a gift that involves giving your time, lets you share your heart, focuses on his hobbies or adds comfort to his life.

Lend Your Time

Many 80-year-old men prefer gifts of quality time rather than a physical item. Think of how the man enjoys spending his days and make a homemade gift certificate on which you pledge to spend time together. If he loves golfing, pledge to play five rounds with him over the next year. If he's into bird watching, ask to spend a day in the field together. Tasks around the house such as cutting the grass, shoveling snow or making meals are also a way to show him that you care.

Give From the Heart

Heartfelt items are appropriate if you have a close relationship with the 80-year-old man. Print a cherished photo of the two of you and place it in a suitable frame, such as one that reads "Grandpa and Me." Take some time to jot down a special message on a piece of note paper: Write a handful of the key life lessons you learned from the man or share a few of your favorite memories together.

Think of His Hobbies

A gift related to the 80-year-old man's hobby is sure to be a winner. For someone who enjoys relaxing in the yard, buy a croquet set or a bird feeder -- both gifts provide hours of entertainment. For an avid reader, find out if his favorite author is doing a book signing in your city, then buy him a new book and attend the signing together. If he's an avid wine lover or enjoys snacking, enroll him in a wine- or cheese-of-the-month club. For someone who enjoys family time, buy a digital camera and a book on how to use it.

Improve His Life

Even if the 80-year-old man in your life is spry for his age, several gifts can help him get around with greater ease. If he has trouble reading the fine-print in the newspaper, get a magnifier or buy a tablet and a subscription to his favorite newspaper. Then, take some time to show him how to increase the size of the font in the stories he reads. Signing him up to receive one hot meal delivered per week can reduce the time he spends in the kitchen, while hiring a gardener helps ensure his yard is beautiful.