Gift Ideas for 21-Year-Old Women

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Gifts can be given at any time of the year, not just on holidays. Sometimes it is hard for us to figure out what to get for someone. Women in their early twenties, particularly 21-year-old women, enjoy a variety of gifts. At this age a young woman may be learning how to take care of herself on her own, or may be beginning to explore the world by herself. Here are some gift ideas for 21-year-old women.


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Women who are 21 may enjoy electronics, such as MP3 players, CD players, cell phone accessories and movies.

Gift Cards

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Sometimes women can be picky with the things they like. Purchase a gift card to allow her to choose her own gift. Some good places to purchase gift cards for women who are 21 include clothing shops, beauty stores, salons, bath and body shops, electronic stores and department stores.

Beauty Supplies

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Women at this age are often using a variety of beauty supplies every day. Some good gift ideas include shower gels, body washes, loofahs, body sprays, lotions and personal care kits.


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Women who are 21 enjoy clothes of many types. Comfortable pajamas with trendy patterns, tank tops, skirts and shirts are some apparel ideas. If the weather is cold, you can also purchase scarfs with matching gloves and a hat.


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Women at this age enjoy reading about the latest trends and celebrity gossip. Purchase a magazine subscription to a popular beauty, celebrity or fashion magazine.