Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend Who Has Everything

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Some men are difficult to shop for. Find the perfect gift even if your boyfriend is wealthy or just seems happy with the things that he has. The perfect gift shows that you care. Your boyfriend should understand that you love him without you telling him when he receives the gift.

Weekend Away

Double check that your boyfriend has the weekend of his birthday free. Create an itinerary for a road trip that you can take together. Pick out a hotel a few towns away. Purchase a ticket for a concert and make reservations for dinner. Or reserve a cabin where you can spend the weekend in the wilderness. Hike and climb during the day. Spend the night curled up next to the fireplace. Your boyfriend should appreciate the work you put into planning the romantic weekend.

A Special Treat

Create your boyfriend's favorite meal or try something new. Cook a gourmet recipe, such as beef Wellington with a side of French onion soup. Make a huge spread of food with several courses. Prepare an appetizer, a salad, a couple of side dishes, a main dish and a dessert. Create a specialty dessert, such as a souffle. This idea is perfect if your boyfriend loves food but not a good idea if your boyfriend is on a diet.

Surprise Party

Even the guy who has everything needs friends to celebrate with. Host a surprise party for your boyfriend. Come up with a silly theme, such as pirates. Invite your boyfriend's closest friends and require costumes. Find a sexy costume for you, and don't forget to get a costume for your boyfriend as well. A surprise party is perfect for milestone birthdays, such as his 25th or 40th.

Get Creative

Listen when your boyfriend talks about things that he thinks are fascinating. Use the knowledge that you gain to come up with a creative present. For instance, if your boyfriend takes you on a day trip around his hometown, take the photos and turn them into a calendar. Another idea is to turn an image that your boyfriend thinks is interesting into a canvas print. Scan the image into a .jpg format and have a photo printing company turn it into wall art.