Gift Ideas for a 12-Year Anniversary

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Lasting 12 years in any relationship is a cause for celebration. In a time where people fall in and out of love daily, staying with a significant other for longer than a decade shows true commitment and a strong bond. There are a few suitable gift ideas you can try to acknowledge this important milestone in your relationship.

Silk and Linen

Add a romantic twist to your anniversary by purchasing silk and linen materials -- the traditional 12th-anniversary gifts -- for your significant other. Silk robes, dresses and lingerie can remind her just how sexy she is to you. Silk boxers, handkerchiefs and ties can do the same for him. Set a bouquet of silk roses or flowers at the dining room table for a private dinner. Spruce up your home decor with fresh, high-thread-count bed linen in the bedroom and tablecloths in the living room. Make sure your anniversary reaffirms her beauty in your eyes.


Surprise her with some gourmet chocolates. Try getting some wrapped in a beautiful gift box. Nothing is sweeter than chocolate, especially when it comes from the heart.


The peony is known as the 12th-anniversary wedding flower, as distinguished for its healing abilities as it is for its aesthetics. Long referenced in Japanese poetry and literature, and popular for many of today's professional artists, the peony captures beauty, history and romance in one lovely perennial. Grow and collect a fresh batch of peonies from your garden and present them to your lover in a vase.


You can never go wrong with jewelry for an anniversary. Known as a traditional gemstone for the 12th anniversary, pearls are sure to drive her wild. But pearl necklaces and bracelets are the easy way out; blow her away by giving her an oyster with an actual pearl inside. You can find these oysters at certain stores, usually packaged with chains to create necklaces. Ladies, get your man pearl cuff links so he can wear them without having his masculinity questioned.