The Best Gift for a 2-Year-Old Girl

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Face it. Children who are 2 years old aren't exactly known for their pleasant temperament, considering that they are often called "terrible." However, 2-year-old girls are also creative and curious about the world around them. They are growing into their personalities, and the perfect gift can help them develop positive personality traits, like compassion, helpfulness and leadership.

Baby Dolls

If the angel on your list loves to copy Mommy, there are an assortment of soft baby dolls and plenty of accessories to go with them that she can use to do just that. The clothing styles are as versatile as baby pajamas to Sunday's best. She can iron baby clothes with an iron and ironing board set and cook dinner in a hurry with a complete kitchen. Little "mommies" on the go need never worry when there are diaper bags to sleeping bags to choose from. Dr. Sears, the renowned pediatrician, has found that toddlers gain more confidence when they are allowed to have opportunities for creative play and to do things on their own.

Busy Bee

The energy that a precious 2-year-old girl has can make gift-giving a breeze. Many gifts are designed to keep her active, healthy and entertained for the days ahead. She can hide and seek in an inflatable playhouse. She can push around lawn mowers that come with or without playful bubbles. She can drive herself around in her battery-powered cruise machine. Another option that toddlers love is to propel themselves on ride-on cars. Some cars feature a nifty place to keep a few of her favorite toys under the seat. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, promoting an active lifestyle in a child helps set the tone for later healthy habits.

Little Genius

If she shows an inclination to show her creative side, there is a gift for her. An easel lets her draw pictures for Mom, Dad, brother and sis, too. She can take a doodle board with her when she’s on the go so that Mom and Dad don't get frustrated with a bored toddler on their hands. She can also pass some entertaining time creating works of art. Music can be just the thing if she loves making sounds or just listening to them. A toddler boom box lets her listen and sing for hours of fun. Other favorite toys include guitars, drums or electric keyboards. It’s never too early to become a prodigy. According to CBeebies, the face of programming for BBC viewers under 6 years of age, this type of activity will help stimulate her eye and hand coordination.

Books and Games

The little 2 year old who is ready to hit the books and preschool games has an opportunity to learn from a large selection. She has enough curiosity and imagination to keep her ready for the next page or the next stage. Bright books, characters centered around animals or other girls and short sentences appeal to 2-year-old girls. Another option is to get some books for her to use on the potty to prepare her for toilet training. Activities that stimulate her mind are ideal gifts for this whiz kid. Puzzles, peg games, rack and stack toys and nesting toys help stimulate her and help keep her mind agile and entertained. She can choose to add shapes to faces, food to puzzles or wheels on the peg games. The colors, size and shapes help to limber up her creative brain.

Dress Up

The little girl who loves to wear Mommy’s shoes, hats, and pearls can enjoy an assortment of dress-up costumes. There are many cartoon and picture book characters this 2-year-old little princess can enjoy becoming. According to Zero to Three, a national nonprofit organization that promotes the development of babies and toddlers, this type of play will encourage her to develop language skills and learn how to play with others children in her age group.