Get Rodeo-Ready with a DIY Upcycled Western-Inspired Belt Bracelet

It’s rodeo season here in Eastern Oregon, which means it’s the perfect time to upcycle a thrift store belt into a fun cowgirl bracelet.

All you need is a fun western looking belt, a scrap of suede, a sharp pair of scissors, and a glue gun. I found this leather belt without a buckle for a very reasonable price at my local thrift shop. It was too small for me to use as a belt and was missing a few studs but I loved the details.

Measure around your wrist and cut the belt to fit. Then cut a piece suede the same width and 6 inches longer than your cut belt.

Attach the belt to the suede with a glue gun and leave 3 inches on each side. Use the extra suede on the ends to tie the bracelet to your wrist. You could even cut the extra suede into fringe. Now you’re ready to add some silver bracelets, saddle up your horse, and head off to the nearest rodeo.

For a super cute western look, combine your bracelet with this DIY Boho Chic Cowgirl Shirt.

Photo credits: Beth Huntington