How to Get Over Missing Someone

If you've ever lost someone close to you, then you know how hard it is to let the person go. Your friend or significant other may have moved away or the two of you grew apart. Use the following tactics to get over missing someone.

Give yourself time. You can't force yourself to stop missing someone overnight. If you were very close to the person, it may take some time to get over.

Keep busy. When you're distracted, you're less likely to spend a lot of time missing your old friend. Take up a new hobby or throw yourself into school and work projects.

Make new friends. You may not be able replace the old friend, but new friends can help you start anew.

Go out on plenty of dates. If you miss an ex, you'll have an easier time getting over it if you throw yourself into the dating game. You don't have to rush into a relationship, but it can provide enough distraction until you stop missing the person.

Focus on his bad qualities. If a friendship or relationship ended badly, you can get over missing someone by focusing on his faults.