How to Get a Girl to Like One in Middle School

In middle school, the girls are usually ready to start dating several months before the guys in the class are. So if you want a girl to like you in middle school, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy it is to get her to be receptive to your advances. With a little patience and understanding, you may find yourself with the girl of your dreams.

Treat her well. When all your other friends are busy teasing and torturing girls, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. Be nice to the girl you like, and be nice to her friends as well. They'll be the ones who tell her whether to go for it or not, so never underestimate the power of girlfriends.

Be funny. Girls love a sense of humor, so if you can make her laugh, you have a much better chance of getting a girl to like you, in middle school or anytime.

Compliment her. Tell her that her hair looks nice, or that you like her new earrings. She'll appreciate your kindness and start looking at you in a different way.

Act confident. Girls are just as shy as you are, so be the confident one and tell her how you feel. She'll be much more likely to date you once she's sure that you're into her.