Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe


0:01 Hi my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul catering located in Round Rock, Texas and

0:07 on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to continue on with this series we call making a meal

0:14 and in this is part two of that series of the first side dish which we are going to

0:20 make garlic mashed potatoes. Okay let's continue on with making a meal this is actually part

0:29 two and this is our first side dish which you is going to be the garlic mashed potatoes.

0:37 The ingredients that we are going to need for this is of course potatoes, as well as

0:42 garlic, we are also going to use sour cream, a little bit of milk, some butter, some sea

0:53 salt and black pepper as our seasonings. We are going to peel the potatoes, we are going

1:00 to boil them and get them soft, we are going to mashed those in with our garlic, add a

1:06 little sour cream and milk and butter to get a smooth blend and seasoning it with some

1:13 salt and pepper. Then we are going to take that, put it in a baking dish, then going

1:17 to stick that in the oven for a little bit to let it all come together. So this is the

1:22 ingredients that we need for our garlic mashed potatoes let's get started.