Games to Play at a Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl party guests spend their time watching the NFL's ultimate championship football game, and talking about the much-anticipated TV commercials that premiere during the event. Party hosts looking to add some additional fun to their Super Bowl party can engage guests in various games dedicated to football's biggest day.

Betting Squares

Players win cash based on where the Super Bowl score stands at the end of each quarter in "Betting Squares." Using a poster board, the host sets up a grid with 10 vertical squares by 10 horizontal squares (100 squares total), writing one team on the top and one on the side. After party guests buy squares for a specified amount of money, the host picks numbers 0 through 9 out of a hat and assigns those numbers across the rows and down the columns. The numbers next to each team's name represents the last digit in that team's score. At the end of a quarter, players whose name appear at the intersection of the last digit of each team's score wins the money bet on each quarter's ending score. For instance, if the AFC team leads the NFC team 21-10 at the end of the a quarter, the player who bought the square under the "1" of the AFC team and the "0" of NFC wins.

The Big Game Guzzler

Football plays determine how many drinks guests take from their cup in this game. Guests age 21 and up choosing to consume alcoholic beverages pick from a hat a slip of paper containing a football play, announcing their pick to everyone and ensuring that they understand the term's meaning. During the game, guests yell plays as they see them. For instance, if the guest who picked "interception" shouts the word before anyone else, she takes one drink from her cup. Should any other player shout "interception" first, the "interception" player takes two drinks from her cup. As a variation, players take a drink each time a commentator says their chosen term.

As an alternate to plays, guests pick from a hat slips of paper containing non-quarterback players' names. For each play involving a certain player, the guest holding that player's name takes one drink. Should the player score a touchdown, the guest with the player's name takes three drinks.

Football Party Bingo

Super Bowl party guests mix football and "Bingo" by marking off squares each time an event appearing on their card occurs. Squares should include possible game scenarios, such as a specific team making a field goal or touchdown, or a team making an interception or 2-point conversion. Players win when they have five consecutive diagonal, horizontal or vertical squares. Once a player shouts "Bingo," the host checks the card to verify that he has won.

Indoor and Outdoor Football Toss

During the big game, some guests may participate in a football toss contest. For an indoor toss, the host tapes a goal post of team color streamers from the ceiling. Players compete to toss a soft football through the streamers without touching any streamer. For an outdoor toss, players compete to toss the football through a hula hoop without hitting it.

Pass The Cup

Players holding the cup dictate the rules in this Super Bowl party game. If the first person holding the cup says "touch down," she passes the cup around and all guests contribute a dollar to the cup. Should a touch down occur, the person holding the cup wins the money inside the cup and chooses the next key term. Other terms may include "first down," "fumble," "interception," and so forth.