Games for Birthday Dinner Party

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People expect games at a child’s birthday party, but even a sophisticated adult dinner party needs entertainment. Liven up your next birthday get-together with a few games celebrating the guest of honor. Create a playful atmosphere where the birthday "boy" can feel like a kid again and don’t forget to have a few goodie bags on hand for the winners.

Before Dinner

Keep the dinner party lively by having guests talk about their favorite movies actors and actresses. Start by having the guest of honor announce the name of his favorite movie, then have him name a star from that movie. Going clockwise around the table, the next guest must give the name of a co-star from that same film. From there, the next guest gives the name of a movie--here's where it gets tricky. The last co-star named has to be in the new movie that's named. Continuing clockwise, the next guest says the name of a co-star in the film. If someone cannot name a corresponding movie or actor they, pass. If everyone passes, the person with the last correct answers wins a point. Players can earn bonus points by coming up with the answer for which everyone else passed. The birthday celebrant can choose to start every round or mix it up. The person with most points after a specified time wins.

After Dinner, Before Dessert

Fill the lull between dinner and dessert with this simple questionnaire game. Before the party, prepare a questionnaire to find out who knows the birthday "boy" the best. For example, “How many speeding tickets has he ever received?” “Is he the early-to-bed type or is he a night owl?” "What is his favorite magazine?” “What is the first car he ever bought?” “What kind of fruit describes his personality?” Keep the guest list in mind. If it's a group of old friends, asking, “Who gave him his first kiss?” may be appropriate, but it may not be right for a family group.

When dinner is over, pass out the sheets. At the same time the guests are answering the questions, have the guest of honor create the answer sheet. The completed sheets need to be handed in for scoring. Let the guest of honor have the stage, telling the stories behind the correct answers, while you prepare dessert. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

After Dessert

Before the party, put together a list of books, movies, television shows and celebrities the guest of honor favors. Also, include a list of jobs he has had and some of his favorite sayings. Put each on a separate piece of paper and put them in a bowl; you'll use these after dessert for a twist on charades. Starting with the guest of honor, each person take turns picking out a card. Each player must get the other players to guess the word or phrase without speaking or making any sounds. The person who guesses correctly wins a point. Continue until everyone has played their cards. Whoever has the most answers right takes home a goodie bag.