Games for Bible Study Groups

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Bible study groups don’t have to be dull and studious meetings. Group members can engage in entertaining and competitive Bible games that increase their knowledge and appreciation while having fun. Research says that people remember information attached to pleasant emotions. Bible games provide ideal circumstances to enhance learning, understanding and enjoyment.

Sword Drills

Sword drills work best for people with an intermediate knowledge of the Bible. The game master calls out a scripture reference to the group. A game participant may raise his hand immediately and quote the scripture or the first participant to locate it in the Bible may raise a hand and read it to the group. Each correct answer is worth a point. You may arrange the players in teams or allow them to work solo.

Bible Charades

Prepare a list of Bible people, places, songs (worship choruses or hymns) and events. On slips of paper, list a category and three items to act out with specific levels of difficulty. Fold the slips in half and place them in a jar. Organize the members into teams and have someone from the first team draw a slip from the can. The team has 30 seconds to confer and choose which item to act out. The other team has 90 seconds to guess the item. Award three points for the most difficult choice, two points for the intermediate and one point for the easiest.

Who Am I?

For small groups, players can compete individually or they can work together in groups. One player chooses a biblical character to portray. She has 30 seconds to provide five to seven items of information to identify her character. The other players can guess the character immediately or ask one additional question per team. If no one guesses the character in 60 seconds, the participant describing the character wins the point. If the character is guessed, the person who correctly identified the character presents the next character.

Bible Family Feud

The game is for intermediate to advanced Bible students. The game master identifies a Bible concept or principle such as the 12 apostles, Jesus’ parables or Romans Road scriptures. Team 1 names as many as answers as possible in 30 seconds. If the team names all of the answers identified by the game master, they win as many points as there were answers. If there are additional answers left, the other team can try to identify the remaining answers in 40 seconds to win the remaining points.

Paper and Pencil Games

You can find word search puzzles, crosswords, hangman puzzles and trivia worksheets online, in Bible game books and in religious curricula. Before the Bible study begins, students who arrive early may use the games to keep busy or to earn additional points with the teacher.