Games for a Halloween Birthday Party

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A birthday that falls close to Halloween can allow you to throw a combination Halloween birthday party. Or perhaps you just like Halloween a lot so you want to throw a Halloween themed birthday party no matter what time of year it is. Either way you will want to plan some fun games to keep your party guests entertained.

Pumpkin Bowling

One fun Halloween themed game that you can play with your party guests is pumpkin bowling. Take 10 empty 2 liter pop bottles and medium sized pumpkins, one for each guest about the size of a basketball. Set up the empty 2 liter bottles so they are in 4 rows that form a pyramid. The first row should consist of one bottle and the last row should consist of four. Clear a lane as long as you would like, for children make the lane shorter than you would make it for adults. Have the party guests take turns rolling their pumpkins down the lane to try and knock over the empty bottles. You can have the guests bowl as many frames as you would like, depending on how many guests you have and how long you would like the game to be. Keep score so you know who wins at the end of the game.

Pumpkin Broom Race

Pumpkins are one of the main symbols of Halloween. Entertain your party guests with pumpkins and brooms with a pumpkin broom race. Determine a starting line and a finish line. Give each party guest a broom and a medium size pumpkin. Have the guests race to sweep their pumpkins from the starting line to the finish line. The first guest to cross the finish line wins.

Bob for Apples Relay Race

Bobbing for apples is one of the classic Halloween party games. You can put a unique spin on this classic game by turning it into a relay race. Set up a tub with water and apples in it. Then, split the party guests into two even teams. Have the teams stand in a line that starts at the apple tub. At the other end of each line put a basket. Have the team member at the start of the line bob for an apple. Then, that member must pass the apple to the next team member by that team member pinching the apple between their chin and chest. The rest of the team will continue to pass the apple by pinching it in this manner. The member at the end of the line then drops the apple into the basket. The team member who bobbed first moves to the end of the line and the whole process starts over again. Do this until every team member has bobbed for an apple. The first team done wins.