Games and Activities for Older Married Couples

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When you and your spouse are getting older, particularly post-retirement, you may be surprised by how much free time you have together. In order to keep yourselves from growing bored and possibly resentful, you should try to find some games and activities that both of you can do. By doing things together, you will both have fun and strengthen your marital bond, creating a happier life for both of you.

Childhood Games

Choose one night per week where you talk about activities you loved as a child. Next, try to find a way to make these activities translate to your retirement years. So, if one of you really enjoyed climbing trees as a child, you could go for short day hikes in order to get that same outdoors experience. By doing these activities together, you will rekindle the activities you enjoyed as children, but you will be enjoying them together at a different stage in your life.

Modern Games

While video games often seem like the purview of younger generations, the new interactive games are easy to use and encourage users to move around more than old-fashioned video game systems; they also have a variety of sports games, such as tennis, bowling, baseball and boxing. This means that you can play these sports against one another in a friendly manner, even if you are not interested in or able to actually play them in the real world.


Volunteering at a local charity is another good way to reconnect and fill your day. Volunteering will give you something to do during the day in addition to letting you give back to your community. This gives you something to talk about at dinner at the end of the day, which will strengthen your bond by increasing your communication.


Bring your family and friends into your home for a barbecue, dinner party or just a get-together. This lets you show people your home and spend time with the people you care about. What's more, it will give you something to work on together since entertaining does take some preparation. When you are finished getting ready, you will have a feeling of accomplishment that will bring you closer together.