Game Ideas for a Rock & Roll Baby Shower

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Not all moms-to-be are into pink frills and knitted baby booties. For the more unconventional mommy, a rock-themed baby shower could be in order. There are lots of baby-themed games floating around the Internet that a shower planner could include in the festivities. Cranking up the volume on some familiar games to make them more suitable for the rock 'n' roll theme will make the event all the more memorable.

Baby Music Trivia

Make up trivia questions about your favorite rock songs. The catch is that all of the songs must have the word “baby” in the title. Some ideas include “Baby You're a Rich Man” by the Beatles, “Good to My Baby” by the Beach Boys and “Scream Like a Baby” by David Bowie. You also can include songs with “Mama” or “Papa” in the title.

Baby Backstage Passes

For this version of “Don't Say Baby,” make “backstage passes” for each of the guests to wear around her neck. Whoever says "baby" gets her backstage pass taken away by the person who heard her say it. The guest who has collected the most backstage passes by the end of the shower wins.

Rock Concert Ticket Match

Print out about 20 playing card-size images of rock concert ticket stubs. Cut them out and paste them to similarly shaped pieces of cardboard. Separate the cards into pairs and draw or paste the same image of a baby-related item (rattle, bottle, onesie, diaper, etc.) on the plain side of each card in a pair. Mix the cards up and play a Concentration-style matching game at your shower. Everyone gets a turn to flip over the cards. Whoever gets the most matches wins.

Rock Musical Chairs

Play a game of musical chairs using the rock songs with “Baby” in the title from your trivia game. You know the rules: Set up one fewer chairs than the number of players in the game. Players circle the chairs while the music plays, then scramble for a seat when it stops. The player left standing is eliminated. Remove a chair and play on. Whoever is the last to seat herself in that coveted final chair when the music stops wins a trendy rock-related prize.