Funny Wedding Toast Ideas

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The best man and maid of honor are often called upon to perform congratulatory toasts to the bride and groom during the wedding reception. Speakers sometimes feel the pressure to be funny during their toast, but their remarks must still remain appropriate for all guests. Wedding toasts that contain personal touches that apply to the bride and groom, as well as little humorous lines nestled within can be a method of creating a lasting marital memory.

Add a Few One-Liners

Many famous figures have been quoted as stating humorous wedding-related jokes. These one-liners are often available on the Internet and in wedding toast instruction publications. Insert these light-hearted lines into your existing toast to get a few chuckles from the guests, but more importantly, from the bride and groom. Some humorous quotes do have an underlying message or words of advice that the bride and groom can take with them and apply to their marriage.

Use a Funny Wedding Toast Template

There are publications centered on funny wedding toasts and templates are available on the Internet for purchase. Choose a humorous template that is applicable to you as well as the bride and groom, plug in original content and couple-related information, and print out the template for your use.

Many sites offer a copy of the wedding toast as a decorative keepsake that can be placed in a frame for a wedding gift. If you don't feel that your creative juices are enough to comprise a funny wedding toast, ordering one is an option.

Ladies: Turn in Your Keys

Prior to the wedding toast, preferably during the cocktail hour and before the bride and groom arrive at the reception site after taking photographs, distribute 25 to 50 house keys to various female guests. Instruct the guests to wait for your cue to bring the keys up to the head table. Toward the end of the toast, make the statement that since the groom has finally given himself to the bride and is officially "off the market," it is time to return the keys to his apartment.

The ladies will come forward to turn in their keys to the best man. Ask the mother or grandmother of the bride to be the last to turn in her key. The toast idea can be adapted to a maid of honor toast as well.

Humorous Wedding Toast Tips

Speak to the bride and groom about your plan to include humor in the wedding toast, as they may have another idea of what the toast should include. Use caution with guest ages, as some funny toast phrases may offend elder guests or could be inappropriate for children's ears.

Do not offend the bride and groom in any way by mentioning mishaps or inappropriate behavior during the bachelorette and bachelor parties. Remember that this is a wedding and not a bar room when you devise your toast for the wedding.