Funny Things to Say to Cheer Up a Friend

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It's natural to want to cheer a friend up when she is feeling down. Everyone has a different sense of humor, so tailor your jests to the type of comedy your friend finds funny. The next time your friend could use a good laugh, recall a funny story, share an experience, or crack a personal joke. Use humor sensitively and in an empathetic way to gently lift your friend's spirits in a light-hearted, yet comforting, way.

Emphasize Progress

One way to cheer up a discouraged friend is to remind him of his personal accomplishments and the progress he's made. Get a laugh out of him by recalling a funny, strange or embarrassing moment from his recent past. A simple "Hey, at least you're not locked out of the house in your mother's bath robe again," for example, is all it might take to get him to crack a smile.


It's always comforting to know you're not alone, especially when feeling discouraged or let down. Show your friend that you understand or relate to her situation and confess a similar experience, but in a humorous way. If your friend had a bad date, for example, reassure her that it happens to everyone. Don't hold back when telling her all the outrageous details of your nightmare date. Use the opportunity to joke about your experience to help your friend realize it's really not the end of the world.

Tell a Joke

A good laugh has the power to brighten a person's mood and lift her spirits. According to the non-profit organization, laughter has lots of health benefits, too, such as boosting the immune system and releasing feel-good chemicals. Elevate your friend's feelings with a good joke -- something that matches her sense of humor and relates to her particular situation in some way. Learn a few corny knock-knock jokes as backups if you can't think of anything on the spot.

Exaggerate Compliments

Literary authors use hyperbole to exaggerate truths, events and traits to absurd, comedic or extreme lengths in order to make a point or drive a message home. Take a cue from history's writers and employ hyperbole when cheering up your friend with compliments. If you're reminding him that he's smart, for example, say something like, "What was your SAT score again? A billion to the tenth power?" You'll help him relax with a chuckle while boosting his confidence.