Funny Gift Ideas for a Best Friend Leaving for College

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If your best friend is leaving for college, you may want to get her a token of your friendship that she can use in her new environment. She probably has plenty of photos of the two of you already, so why not give your friend something funny to make sure she gets a good start to college?

Red Solo Cups

The red solo cup is a classic American symbol of the party that your friend might be the life of. You can turn almost any container into a "solo cup" with some red and white paint. Buy a trash can or lamp shade and paint it to look like a red cup. Or make a koozie that looks like a solo cup so that he can keep his can of beer cool.

Beer Helmet

Your friend may be past orthodontia, but party headgear never goes out of style. A homemade beer helmet will leave your friend footloose and hands free, and she will enjoy the safety benefits of dancing in this kind of hardware.

Sleeved Blanket

If your friend is moving north for college, a sleeved blanket will be just the thing for the shock of that first cold snap. The infomercials for snuggies might tickle your funny bone, but the fleece will warm all your friend's bones.

Emergency Disguise Kit

If your best friend is invited to a last-minute theme party, she will have no problem finding a costume with the emergency disguise kit you put together. Include fake mustaches, false noses, some funny hats and unique items of clothing.

A Trick Alarm Clock

You know your best friend better than anybody, which is why it must have been hard to bite your tongue when you heard about his mandatory 8:00 a.m. class. But even your BFF won't be able to sleep through an alarm clock that rolls around after it goes off or squirts water at the bed. Or buy one that you can program to play his favorite song.

Black Bar Glasses

College should be a place to try new things, but it can also be a hotbed for bad decisions. Save your friend from being tagged in embarrassing photos by creating black bar paparazzi glasses with cardboard and black tape. Your friend will thank you when it's time to run for office.