Funky Styles of Women's Eyeglasses

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For every woman out there who loves understated, minimalist eyeglasses, there is also a woman who admires quirky, fun eyeglass designs that can be played up as an accessory. Honor your eccentric side by selecting specs that accentuate your features and express your inner creativity. There is no rule that says you can only have one pair.

Eyes of the Cat

Cat eye glasses have oval lenses turned up at the corners, pointing up and away from the face. This design is sleek, modern and non-traditional, showing off your cheekbones. It is especially flattering to an oval-shaped face. The cat eye shape is sold in modest and more dramatic versions, and the design is available in many colors and designs and at many price points. It is a purchase that will leave you feeling glamorous in any outfit.

Order Another Round

Round eyeglass frames can vary in thickness, color and price point, and they flatter a square face because their soft edges draw attention away from angular features. Rounded glasses are a great pick for lovers of funky glasses because they are reminiscent of '60s and '70s eyeglass styles. They can evoke a bohemian or modern style, depending on the color.

Fat Frames Are Phat

Thick-frame glasses are impossible to ignore and are a great statement for women who love to use glasses as an accessory. When wearing this particular style, be sure to play up your eye makeup so that lashes can be seen from behind those big frames. Thick-frame glasses give off a geek-chic vibe that’s sassy, funky and casual. These frames look great if your face is long, and can add balance for square jawed types with slender kissers. Thick frames will overpower oval faces, so pass these by if you don't want to look clunky.

Extra Tips

Don’t forget: Shape and frame thickness aren’t the only components of perfectly funky eyeglasses. Buyers should feel comfortable trying different colors and patterns to see what suits their styles and personalities best.