Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

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Many schools and youth organizations sponsor local youth dance teams to perform at school events and competitions. However, this type of recreational activity can become expensive when you factor in the cost of uniforms or costumes, equipment, competition entry fees and travel expenses. One way to raise money to help cover these costs is by planning a group fundraiser.

Car Wash

According to the Fund Raising Ideas Center, a car wash fundraiser is particularly ideal for older kids, who may actually enjoy doing this type of work. All you need for this activity is a large group of young volunteers, soap, sponges, buckets, a water hose (or two) and rags. You’ll also need to choose a venue, such as a church parking lot or a parking lot management company that will allow your group to meet on the property as well as let you use their water. Promote your fundraiser with flyers in advance of the event, and have the dance team make bright, colorful poster board signs for the day of to attract passing vehicles. Divide the dance team into several groups, including sign holders, soap and sponge cleaners, a hose-rinsing group and a drying group. Rotate the duties during the day to ensure that the volunteers don’t get bored. Charge a flat $5 to $10 fee for each car washed or ask people for donations only.

Dance Team Poster

This type of fundraiser does require upfront down payments, but most groups can make their money back quickly. Simply take a group photo or several action photos to a professional printer and use the picture(s) to create calendars. Sell these calendars to friends and family, as well as to local establishments. As an added incentive, hold a contest to see which dance team member can sell the most calendars.


Fundraiser Insight suggests a Dance-A-Thon as a fun way to raise money for your dance team. Find a dance space for your fundraising event, such as your school's gymnasium. Ask your dance team members to create several dance music CDs full of various music genres and styles. The dance team members will also be responsible for finding and signing up Dance-A-Thon participants; allow them to compete in it as well. The participants will seek pledges from their families, friends and neighbors, with the money going to the dance team. Set a date and time limit for your event, and be sure to have lots of water and snacks on hand for tired dancers. Provide a small prize, such as a gift certificate to a local movie theater or restaurant, to the last dancer standing.