Fun Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

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Whether you’re pillow talking or texting from the office, you can infuse your relationship with laughter, and learn more about your boyfriend too, with a little lighthearted fun. Avoid statements or questions that will make your guy feel uncomfortable; whispering, "I'm pregnant," just to see him squirm may make you chuckle, but it might also give him a sudden case of the vapors.

Laugh and Learn

Get to know your boyfriend a bit better while sharing a chuckle or two over his outlandish aspirations or funniest memories. You can ask him about his worst dating experience or the most daredevil challenge on his bucket list. Inquire about his most outrageous family member or ask what one possession he’d be sure to rescue if his house caught fire. Find out what pet he would have if he could choose any animal in the world or which country he would call home if money and career obligations didn't factor in.

Talk Through Text

The conversation doesn’t have to stop just because you’re miles apart. Whether you’re on a 30-minute lunch break or standing in the grocery store checkout line, incorporate a little fun into your relationship with playful texts. Tell him your favorite movie star, and see who can list all the movies in which your star appeared. You can text him the first few words of some of your favorite songs and see if he can guess the title from the lyrics. Play 20 questions or Truth or Dare -- just remember to keep it tame if he’s at the office.

Throw Him off Guard

While you might have told your boyfriend about your summers as camp counselor and your career goals for the future, there’s bound to be some interesting stuff he doesn’t know about you yet. Share with him your most embarrassing childhood moment or the wackiest date ideas you’ve ever had. Tell him about the three gold medals you won as a childhood figure skater or the summer you saved up for college by working as a birthday party clown. He might just see a side of you he’s never seen before and be enthralled with the complexity of your character – or creeped out by the years you spent working on a worm farm.

Share Your Ideals

You might not be ready to run off to Fiji together just yet, but there’s no reason you can’t let your boyfriend know about your idea of the perfect island getaway. Tell him about your ideal night on the town or the job you’d jump to without a moment’s notice -- if "shopper extraordinaire" ever became a career option. Take him on a mental tour of your dream house, paint a verbal picture of your ideal beach or make him salivate as you help him to envision your idea of the perfect dinner. Encourage him to jump in the conversation, too, sharing his ideas of perfection with you.