Fun Things Sisters Can Do Together

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Sisterhood is a powerful bond that goes well beyond the childhood years. Whether you're still living under the same roof as your sister or you both have your own families, spending time together can help you work through bumps in the sisterly road, solidify your relationship or simply relax and enjoy a laugh together.

Crafty Scrapping

Celebrate your family while creating a sibling scrapbook with your sister. Gather photos that feature the two of you at special events, family holidays and everyday moments. For example, include a picture of your older sister holding you when mom and dad first brought you home from the hospital, along with pictures from Christmas mornings and her high school graduation. Create a timeline through the pages. If you're still a teen or are a young adult, use the last pages of the book to write both of your hopes and goals for the future. If you're older and already have a family and career, add pictures that feature you with your nieces and nephews or the two of you at your sister's holiday work party.

Family Tree

You don't just share the same genetic material, you also share the same family history. Spend a weekend afternoon or a night in researching your shared family tree. The Nashville Public Library suggests starting your genealogy research at home. Get together with your sister and interview your mother, grandfather or great-aunt to ask some family ancestry questions. After you get your starting point, the two of you can check on government records -- such as census documents or marriage certificates -- to continue your family tree search. When you've gathered your information, you and your sister can write down or draw up a family tree.

Repeat a Tradition

Family traditions may include almost anything from a Christmas morning present-opening ritual to a special spot where your clan eats every Sunday. Traditions provide family members with the chance to bond and cultivate closer relationships. Relive a family tradition with your sister, just the two of you. Pick one to repeat that you haven't done for years. For example, teen siblings may visit a park that their mother took them to every week when they were preschoolers, while older sisters can have a dinner out at the restaurant where their family went when everyone came home for a college break.

Make a Movie

Spark your creative spirit and edit a family flick with your sister. Think about all of those traditions that you went out and relived with your sibling. Scan family photos of those rituals or upload video clips that you already have to your computer. Edit a documentary that tells your family's story. Reminisce as the two of you choose memorable moments to include, add background music and put together a piece of sisterly cinema.