Fun Activities for Kids Between the Ages of 10 and 16

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There are many activities that children between the ages of 10 and 16 can participate in when they get bored. Many children love to stay active, but cannot think of anything to do during their down time. Use this list to encourage your child to remain active and productive. Allow the child to choose one or two activities that he is interested in, rather than forcing any one activity.

Outdoor Activities

There are many fun outdoor activities for children. Turn on a sprinkler and allow the children to play in the water for an hour. Set up a small kiddie pool for wading or lounging. Consider a volunteer project at a park, zoo or camp. Plant a garden or landscape the yard. Volunteer to help tend a neighbor's yard, if they want some help. Try taking pictures of different nature environments around your home or neighborhood.


There are many games that children will enjoy playing together. Board games are a fun choice for groups of several teens and children. Choose classic board games, such as Twister, Monopoly and Pictionary, or experiment with newer games. Smaller groups may enjoy card games. Classic children's outdoor games, such as egg races, tag and hide-and-seek may also appeal to this age group, thanks to the nostalgia factor. Adventurous children can try creating their own games.


There are many crafts that teens and kids do on their own. Equip a child with drawing and other art supplies. Encourage her to draw a self-portrait or a landscape of her own yard. Many children will enjoy scrapbooking some of their younger years or perhaps some of their recent activities. With a larger budget, allowing a child to redecorate her room may provide a fun activity. Craft stores sell many crafts kits that children will enjoy. Take kids to a craft store, and allow them to choose one activity to try.


One useful activity for kids aged 10 to 16 to participate in is cooking. Cooking is a lasting skill that will stay with them for years. Start small with creating different drinks or smoothies. From there, purchase a book of easy recipes for your teen to try. Work with your child to create meals for the family, or allow him to plan the menu for a week or cook all of the dinners.