Fun Games for a Bachelorette Party

Send the bachelorette off in style with a night to remember. Party games can add fun to an evening of revelry. From icebreakers with trivia about the bride-to- be to scavenger hunts for nights on the town, there are a variety of games for all types of bachelorette parties. You also might want to prepare a few games play in a bar, using other bar patrons as part of the game.

Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party. This idea works well for home bachelorette parties or destination parties. Create a list of zany challenges for the bride to complete, such as getting a guy to serenade her, asking a guy for a condom or dancing with a complete stranger. Keep the list to about 10 items so the bride can complete each one. Consider dividing guests into teams. You don't have to stay at home--these tasks can require party guests to travel across town to find items or the next clue. Consider tasks like purchasing lingerie from a certain store, asking a stranger for a drink at the neighborhood bar or making a veil out of toilet paper.

Bachelorette Trivia

Create a trivia game about the bachelorette to use as an icebreaker to get guests laughing and talking. The maid of honor is a good person to prepare questions for this game. Questions like, "Who was Jane's first boyfriend?" or "How did Julie and Ross first meet?" work well. Add a twist to this game by asking questions about the bachelor to see how well his future bride knows him. Consider questions like, "Who was Matt's first girlfriend?" or "What was Charlie's first pet?" Add some spice to the game and ask more personal questions, but make sure your bachelorette is comfortable. Purchase a small prize for the guest who gets the most questions correct.

Bar Games

Consider a few games that work in a bar setting. Play "That Guy" by preparing a list of stereotypical guys such as "frat guy," "sweaty guy" or "bad dancer guy." Divide the list up. The guest who finds her guys first wins. Add a twist by making the bachelorette take a picture with each guy. Create a trivia game for the bachelorette party to play while bar hopping. General knowledge questions work well, as do those with an emphasis on marriage, music, sex, men and sports. Use other bar patrons as your "ask the audience." Divide party guests into two teams for a friendly competition."Dirty Words" is another game that works well in a bar. Create a list of about 10 dirty words, split up into teams then have guests or the bachelorette go up to strangers and try to get them to say one of the words on the list. If you succeed, your team receives a point.