Fun & Exciting Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

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When it comes to showing your girlfriend a good time, the aim of the game is to keep things personal. Age is a huge factor when deciding on which games your girlfriend will view as fun and exciting. Just because your mom likes playing Monopoly, doesn't mean that your girlfriend will too.

For Teenage Girls: Spin The Bottle

If you've been dying to kiss your girlfriend but are still trying to work up the nerve, playing Spin the Bottle is the perfect excuse to get a smooch. The next time you're at a party with your girlfriend or even just sitting around at home, suggest as a joke that you play spin the bottle. If she looks interested, grab the nearest bottle before she changes her mind.

Tip: You may want to practice your spinning technique beforehand, just to be sure it lands on your girlfriend and not some poor, unsuspecting target.

For Twentysomethings: American Idol Encore 2

Based on the hit television show and designed for Wii, American Idol Encore 2 is an insanely popular game among trendy twentysomethings--and a sure way to bring your girlfriend out of her shell by releasing her inner goddess and musical diva. Sing a famous love duet together, such as "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell.

For extra brownie points: tell her what a beautiful voice she has (even if you have to stretch the truth just a little). American Idol has yet to go out of style--and the same goes for compliments.

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For Women in Their Thirties: Game Night

Once a woman turns 30, chances are she will most likely lose interest in kissing games and karaoke. Instead, it may be time to plan a mature, adult evening.

This weekend, invite your friends, along with hers, over for a game night. Have a card table and Pictionary game set up. Serve a variety of beverages and offer healthy snack options like nuts, fresh veggies and dip, fruits and cheeses. Put on some music and let loose.

Game night can be as wild as you want it to be. Be creative and offer games you both enjoy playing as a couple. Not only will she have a memorable evening, but you will earn extra brownie points for taking an interest in her social circle.

For Girlfriends Forty and Over: Farmville

Farmville is one of the latest applications to hit the social networking site Facebook. This is an exciting and addicting game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

To play, both you and your girlfriend must sign up for Facebook. Under Facebook's application page, sign up for Farmville. You will each create your own avatar (or your “farmer's alter-ego”) and start setting up your own, personalized farm.

In this game, you be able to plot land, plant, plow and harvest crops, and buy farm animals and trees. Through the application, you can invite your girlfriend to become your neighbor. Once neighbors, you can visit each other's farm and send one another cute farm gifts daily.

Because you must tend to you farm frequently, this game makes for a great escape during your lunch hour, after work or on a rainy weekend. Send your girlfriend a baby farm animal and she will be sure to send a smile your way the next time she sees you.