Fun Brownie Ideas for Kids

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Many children love brownies and enjoy helping out in the kitchen. Let your children have the best of both worlds by helping you make some chewy, fudgy, warm brownies that they can enjoy making and eating. Some inexpensive supplies, brownie ideas and children with a creative imagination are all you need to get started. For safety reasons, always have adult supervisor when allowing children to help in the kitchen.

Brownie Pizzas

Help your child make a brownie pizza by lightly greasing a 12-inch pizza pan. Mix the brownies and pour them on the pizza sheet. Bake on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes or until an inserted toothpick in the middle comes out clean. Children can decorate the pizza with red icing to resemble pizza sauce, coconut or grated white chocolate to look like mozzarella cheese and variety of candy toppings. Cut the brownie like a pizza and serve. For another idea, pour the brownie batter in small circles on the pizza sheets and allow the children to make miniature brownie pizzas.

Brownie Shapes

Bake brownies in a pan per the instructions on the box. Use different shapes of cookie cutters to cut the brownies. Children can decorate the brownies using icing, candy, icing gel pens and sprinkles. For Halloween, make pumpkin-shaped brownies and color them with orange icing. For Christmas brownies, use round cookies cutters and decorate the brownies to resemble ornaments. Have the children decorate brownies for the Fourth of July by cutting the brownies into rectangles. Decorate the brownies to look like flags.

Brownie Popsicles

Cook your brownies like normal and allow time to cool. Cut the brownies in rectangle shapes and place each one on a sheet of wax paper. Have children carefully insert a Popsicle stick on one of the short sides of the rectangle. Melt almond bark or candy melts in the microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring every 30 seconds. When the candy or bark melts, use a spatula to cover the brownie to resemble a Popsicle. The children can use sprinkles to decorate the brownie popsicles. For another idea, use a brownie pop mold to make brownie lollipops. Molds are available online and at many kitchen supply stores. Pour the brownie batter into the molds and bake. When the brownies cool, put a Popsicle stick into each one. Leave them plain or dip them in melted almond bark.

Candy Bar Brownies

After mixing the brownie batter, pour half of the batter into a greased baking pan. Have your child lay two full-size candy bars on top of the batter, side-by-side. Pour the rest of the brownie batter on top and bake per the package directions. This will create brownies with a layer of melted chocolate in the middle. For another variation, use other candy bars or candy, such as large peanut butter cups, Snickers bars and toffee bars.