Fun Arts & Crafts Ideas for Kids

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Rain or shine, arts and craft ideas provide hours of fun. The kids keep busy for a few hours, working on their crafts—leaving you with some much-deserved downtime. The crafts work for any group size, including a single child or a larger group. Use the ideas for church groups, youth organizations or even as an extra activity during a scouting meeting. Not only are the activities easy for the kids to do with little supervision, but they also give them something new to take home or use in their bedroom.

Tie-Dye Goods

Tie-dye is a fairly simple craft idea that doesn’t require a lot of items. All you need are a few buckets made of either plastic or metal; and dyes specifically designed for use with fabric. You also need rubber bands, which wrap around the fabric. Encourage the kids to bring in their own items from home, including T-shirts, sheets and curtains. Even old T-shirts are suitable for this craft because the dye hides old stains. Twist the fabric into a long roll and wrap the rubber bands around at random intervals. Let the kids dip the bundles into the different dyes and hang to dry.

Homemade Pillows

Use old shirts of different sizes and shapes for pillows. Fabric glue is appropriate for younger kids, who can’t use a sewing machine, while teenagers and older children can use the machine. Supervise the group as they cut along the seams on their shirts, creating two separate pieces of fabric. Once the shirt is turned inside out and stitched or glued along three sides, flip it right-side out and stuff with pillow stuffing. A little more fabric glue or a few more stitches closes off the pillow. Let the kids mix and match their pieces and pick fabric for the front and back of the pillow.

Candy Cars

Kids love candy and it only takes a few pieces, to make a candy car. The main body of the car is a pack of gum. Depending on the age range of the participants, use either a hot glue gun or super glue to hold the pieces together. Two miniature candy bars placed on the back of the car serve as the spoiler for the car while the one on the front acts as the car’s grill. Add four round candies for the car's wheels. During the holidays, consider adding a piece of ribbon to the car and turn it into a Christmas ornament.