Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas

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When people think of birthday party ideas, they usually think of kiddie games and activities, from hide and seek to charades to limbo. But adults like to have fun too, so for adults who are planning fun-loving and spirited birthday celebrations (whether they are turning 25 or 95 years old), there are a lot of ideas that are fun and adult-friendly, as well.

Girls' Night Out

For women looking for adult birthday party ideas, one easy and fun idea to consider is putting together a girls' night out. This can be a low-key and laid-back party that involves inviting your closest female friends over to socialize, laugh and enjoy a few cocktails or wine. Or go all out by heading out onto the town to perhaps hit the nightclubs, do some dancing or watch a movie. Include some quick, convenient and delicious appetizer ideas for such a party.

The 1980s

One wacky, fun and goofy way to celebrate an adult birthday party is by having a 1980s theme, which is especially suitable for younger adults that perhaps grew up in the 1980s. Some fun ideas for a 1980s party include music from the decade, cakes that resemble the iconic Pac-Man character and bright neon-colored party streamers (think lime green and hot pink). One fun party activity for 1980s parties is freeze dance, which involves everyone dancing in the cheesiest and silliest dance moves from the decade and freezing abruptly as soon as the music stops. Some freeze dance playlist classics include Thriller by Michael Jackson, Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles and Jump by Van Halen.

The Beatles

Beatles-themed birthday celebrations are a good way for adults that grew up in the 1960s to celebrate. Beatles birthday parties are especially suitable for 64-year-olds (the soundtrack to the entire event can start with the Beatles classic "When I'm 64"). Beatles-inspired beverages and foods can be the focal point for the party, with yellow submarine sandwiches and strawberry fields cocktails. One way to kick-start the event is by sending out birthday party invitations that resemble admission tickets for Beatles concerts that were held in the 1960s. To create some groovy 1960s-style ambiance, look for some fixtures from the decade, such as lava lamps, to create authenticity. Psychedelic colors also add a fun touch to utensils, napkins, plates and cups.