Fun 50th Anniversary Ideas

Jeffrey Coolidge/Photodisc/Getty Images

A 50th anniversary is a milestone in a marriage and is a superb reason to plan a fun celebration for your significant other or for your parents, grandparents or good friends. There are many possibilities to explore when choosing an anniversary surprise for the couple. Take into consideration the interests of the people you are planning a fun gift or surprise for.

50 Reasons Theme

Host an anniversary party, formal or informal, that follows a “50 reasons” theme specifically celebrating the union of these two people for 50 years. Enlist friends and family to create a list that consists of reasons the two honorees are the perfect couple. Your party can take a sentimental tone or a more humorous tone or somewhere in between. For example, you can host a party that is more like a “roast” where family and friends take about things that they personally observed that would drive anyone else away. This 50 qualities list doesn't have to consist of only qualities like kindness, a great sense or humor and so on. It can also be more personalized like, “Because Bob actually loves Elaine's meatloaf.”

Matching Attire/Accessories

Create a clever 50th anniversary design to place on matching T-shirts or sweatshirts. If you don't have access to a computer or don't have skills using a graphics program like Photoshop or a freeware program like GIMP, hire a graphics designer to create your anniversary design. Consider a caricature motif or a design showing how much these two people have taken on characteristics of the other over the years. Print your design through a print shop or online service where you can upload your 50th anniversary design to shirts and more.

50th Anniversary Entertainment

Create your own 50th anniversary play that tells the story of these two people over the years, from their early life to meeting each other to their life together though the years. Another idea for a fun 50th anniversary tribute is to create a video of the performances at an anniversary party or to create a “This Is Your Life” style video surprise where family members and friends, from children to grandchildren, help tell the story and at the end add special anniversary felicitations.