How to Find a Friend to Talk To

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If you don't have many friends, it's time you made some. Friendships can affect your life in many positive ways, including improving your mood, giving you a sense of purpose, boosting your self-esteem, encouraging you to make healthy lifestyle choices and giving you a support system for the good and bad times in your life, notes the Mayo Clinic. It's not always easy to find and make friends, but by putting in some effort, you will improve your life immensely.

Step 1

Accept social invitations. Even if the event doesn't excite you or isn't something you'd normally enjoy, any social engagement gives you the opportunity to meet people you might enjoy talking to and spending time with.

Step 2

Join a group. Whether a cooking class, ballroom dancing lessons or a walking club in your neighborhood, a group gives you the chance to make friends with similar interests, which will give you plenty to talk about.

Step 3

Introduce yourself to your neighbors. If you recently moved or have never met people living on your street, you could make a friend just steps away. Knock on doors and introduce yourself; invite neighbors over for a glass of tea on your front porch.

Step 4

Volunteer locally. This is a feel-good way to use your talents to benefit others, and an opportunity to meet other people with interests similar to yours. Serve at a local shelter, volunteer to walk dogs for an animal rescue center or read stories to kids at the city library.

Step 5

Use social media to seek out former friends. Look up people you went to high school or college with, people you used to work with or friends you've lost touch with. You might find someone living nearby with whom you can pick up where you left off.

Step 6

Get out by yourself. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, exploring your city alone can bring potential friends into your path. Go to a museum, a local art gallery or a wine tasting event and be open to the possibility that you might meet someone there.

Step 7

Go places with your pets or kids. The local dog park and pet store are ideal places to meet people who love animals. If you have kids, take them to the zoo, story hour at the library or the pool at your recreation center. Chances are, you'll meet other people with common interests, goals and ideals.

Step 8

Extend invitations of your own. Ask your child's friend's mom to have coffee with you, invite a co-worker to grab lunch or host a simple dinner party at your house. You might be surprised at the number of people who want to be friends with you and were waiting for you to make the first move.