French Baby Shower Games

by Michelle Barry ; Updated September 28, 2017

Bébé shower

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A French-themed baby shower can be an elegant event, with a brunch bistro menu, French wine or champagne and decorations that incorporate theme-appropriate words like "bébé." And don't forget the highlight of any shower: the games—which, in this case, should reflect the featured nation. Mais oui!

Eiffel Tower bingo

Traditional baby-shower bingo can be modified to reflect a French flair with a simple fix: Provide bingo sheets with the spaces stacked in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, then fill the slots with words associated with babies, such as "rattle," "crib" and "diaper." The center or "free" space could say "bébé." Pass out red, white and blue bingo chips—the color of the French flag—and voilà! As in traditional bingo, the first person to complete a row wins.

French-word scramble

Pass out cards containing words associated with all things baby, in English and French. Provide guests at each table with a time frame—five minutes should suffice—in which to work together to match the words with their translations. The first team to successfully match all the words wins.

Waist measurements

It's always fun to guess the mom-to-be's waist size. France, like the rest of Europe, utilizes the metric system, so require baby-shower guests to guess in centimeters. They didn't commit metric conversions to memory? Allow them a quick glimpse at a European size chart at the start of the game. (Of course you'll need to measure the guest-of-honor's belly in centimeters as well.) The person who guesses closest to the actual measurement takes the prize.

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