According to a survey by Guidant Financial, 75 percent of all business owners rate their happiness level as eight or higher on a scale of one to 10. If you’re thinking about starting a business, one of the best ways to build a new enterprise is to start from your own home. A home-based business gives many entrepreneurs the freedom to pursue their passion while handling their personal needs.

When it comes to starting a home-based business, there are numerous options. As you decide on the right opportunity, you should consider the start-up costs and the structure for your new business. You’ll also want to make sure you have your legal bases covered and the appropriate type and amount of insurance. Marketing and branding are also vital to ensuring your business gets started on the right foot.

Home-Based Business Complications

If you’re contemplating home-based business opportunities, one of the first things to consider is zoning in your area. Some zoning laws are very strict when it comes to running a business from home. Other zoning laws allow some types of business, such as a law practice or counseling practice, that don’t interrupt traffic or create a lot of noise. If all business is restricted, you may be able to appeal to local authorities for an exception.

Another consideration is setting and keeping appropriate boundaries. One of the perks of starting a home-based business is that it’s much simpler to take care of your family. It can also make it difficult to separate your work and personal life, though. If there are errands or appointments you need to take care of during the day, you may end up putting off work until the evening.

For example, you may want to obtain a general liability insurance policy. This type of policy can help protect your business if you’re sued because someone was injured on your property or hurt by using your product. Another option is a business owner’s policy. This type of policy includes general liability and also covers home office equipment if there is theft or a fire.

How to calculate cubic metres (Paragraphs, Short)

Measure the height of your object.

Measure the length.

Measure the width.

Convert measurements to metres if they are not already. If measurement was taken in millimetres, divide by 1,000. If by centimetres, divide by 100.

Finding cubic metres is the same thing as finding the volume of an item, measured in metres.

If measurement was taken in millimetres, divide by 1,000.

Multiply the three measurements. The answer is given in cubic metres.

Legal Considerations for Home-Based Businesses in Southern California (Tip)

When you’re thinking about the question, “How do I start my own business?” you may feel overwhelmed. There are several regulations to consider to ensure your business is legally compliant. There are laws at the local, state and federal level to consider. You can find out the legal specifics for your area by doing online research or by contacting your local small business administration office.

What Is a Home-Based Business? (Warning)

The home-based business definition is a business that is based in your home. Home-based businesses typically have no brick-and-mortar storefront or formal office space. They are often sole proprietorships, which means that a single person owns the business and is responsible for its debts.

How to Create DIY Paper Plants (Things Needed)

To make the paper leaves, start with cardstock or poster paper in two shades of green: a light green and a dark green. If you take a close look at the actual leaves of indoor plants, the color is not uniform.

How to Create DIY Paper Plants (Things Needed, List)

Houseplants are a beautiful way to spruce up your home decor, but what do you do if you don't have a green thumb? A crafty alternative for the plant-challenged is faux plants made of paper. With this easy, step-by-step tutorial, even beginners can learn how to make a paper plant that looks like the real thing. It's inspired by the work of crafter Corrie Beth Hogg, an expert at creating faux greenery.

What Is a Home-Based Business? (Tip + Warning + Things Needed)

How to Convert a PAR to an AVI (Unordered List, Short)

Select "AVI--Audio Video Interleave" in the "Output file:" field. Click the "Browse" button next to the "Save to:" field. Select a target destination for the converted file. Click "OK."

  • Run the conversion program on the desktop.
  • Select a target destination for the converted file.

Enter a file name into the "Save as:" field.

  • Enter a file name into the "Save as:" field.

Click the red "Convert" button at the bottom of the main window to begin the conversion process

How to Calculate the Volume of a Sphere with Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint (Unordered List, Long)

Click the "Please Select Conversion Type:" drop-down menu and choose the file type that you would like the CDR file to be converted to. Choose JPG, BMP, TIFF or GIF to render the file in a format that you can use with Visio 2003 or newer.

  • Although calculators simplify many aspects of mathematics, it can be cumbersome to enter formulas repeatedly such as the formula for the volume of a sphere, which is the product of 4/3, Pi and the cube of the sphere's radius.
  • Excel then calculates the volume of a sphere automatically when you type the measurement of its radius.

How to Convert an Intellex Video to MPEG (Ordered List, Short)

Install Network Client. Configure the software to connect to Intellex surveillance units.

  1. American Dynamics' Intellex Digital Video Management System is used to operate and maintain closed circuit television networks.
  2. Configure the software to connect to Intellex surveillance units.

Launch Network Client. The program will search for all connected units and populate the video database.

  1. The program will search for all connected units and populate the video database.

Common Home-Based Business Ideas (Ordered List, Long)

  1. Find a place to host your fund raising event. A good location is important for a bingo fund raiser. An ideal location will hold plenty of people, be comfortable, have the facilities you need for setup and for hosting your event. Another important consideration is to find some place that's affordable. Many banquet or recreation halls offer discounts for a charitable event and some venues will even host the event for free. Check with local churches and recreation centers who might be able to help host your event or make a recommendation.
  2. Choose the prizes. Some bingo events operate on a flat fee structure but for fund raising success, you may want to consider either doing a 50/50 draw where half the proceeds go to prizes and the other half to the cause or you could have prizes instead of cash. A combination also works and can maximize the amount of money you are able to raise. You should canvas to local businesses who may offer prizes to use for honorable mention or advertising perks. If your event is a registered charity, you may also be able to offer a tax receipt to donors.
  3. Rent and purchase equipment and supplies for the night. There are bingo supply or party supply stores that will sell raffle tickets, bingo cards, bingo supplies and rent bingo machines to help you make your event a success.

Insuring Your Home-Based Business (Image + Text)

Happy businessman having a video call over laptop in the office.


There are risks involved in running any type of business. Insurance can help you deal with those risks. With a home-based business, you may be able to get a rider on your current homeowners' or renters' insurance policy. You may want to get more comprehensive coverage, though.

Boxwood shrub companion plants (Text + Image + Text)

Companion plants that contrast with boxwood texturally create interest in the garden, especially if those plants are variegated or have a unique foliage colour. Plants whose foliage are too much alike seem to merge with one another, and distinguishing them from one another, especially from a distance, is difficult.

Concrete head sculpture with tulip flowers on a pastel blue background.


Good companion plants with textural contract include thyme, hosta, lady's mantle, lirope, germander, rosemary or sage. Combine boxwood with low-growing shrubs with yellow or dark-coloured foliage. This will add both colour and texture. If the shrubs flower or produce berries, that creates even more interest.

Inexpensive landscape edging ideas (List + Image + Tip)

  • Lay out your selection of flowers in accordance with how tall you want them to be in your arrangement.
  • To add layers of interest in your arrangement, it is a good idea to cut the pieces of your bouquet into different heights to give the final product a raked effect.
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List of purple flowering trees (H2 + H3)

How to Use Bulrushes with a Evergreen Wild Rose Bush? (H3, Long + Image + Text)

Choosing the right flower


Plant bunches of chives in front of fenugreek if your garden receives strong morning and afternoon light. Chives grow to a height of 30 cm (12 inches), with spiky, succulent foliage that contrasts with fenugreek's bushier, branching habit. Chives can also tolerate some overcrowding, and are good clumping herbs with edible flowers and bulbs.

Basil (H3, Short + Text)

Try interplanting basil with fenugreek for two herbs with a similar height, setting them 30 cm (12 inches) apart. Their cultural requirements are the same, and if you keep pinching back the flowers on both, you can prevent them from going to seed early.

Saucer magnolia soulangiana (H3 + Widget)

Description (Step — Short Text + Image)

Choosing the right flower


The marguerite is a mounded, shrubby plant reaching only 30 to 60 cm (1 to 2 feet) tall and 60 cm (2 feet) wide. Foliage is a medium to dark green, with a fine-leaf, lacy appearance.

Care (Step — Long Text + Image)

Choosing the right flower


Colourful daisies will add a touch of the traditional English cottage garden to your home. Grow the marguerite in full sun, though in very hot areas, some afternoon shade will be appreciated. It is an excellent choice for containers, or the middle or front of borders and beds. It blooms best during cool weather, and, if they're kept happy, daisy flowers will cover the plant. As the weather warms, flowering will slow down. Too much intense heat may kill the plant, as will deep frost.

  • Colourful daisies will add a touch of the traditional English cottage garden to your home.
  • It blooms best during cool weather, and, if they're kept happy, daisy flowers will cover the plant.

Watering (Step — Long Text)

Keep the marguerite moist, in well-draining soil. However, over-watering is a common cause of plant disease. Too much water drowns the plant's roots, preventing them from receiving oxygen. Root distress in an over-watered plant may cause it to wilt, leading the inexperienced gardener to think the plant is dry, and water more. The plant will eventually respond with yellowing leaves, progressing to plant rot and death. Keep marguerites moist, but let the top of the soil dry slightly before watering again.

  • Keep the marguerite moist, in well-draining soil.
  • Root distress in an over-watered plant may cause it to wilt, leading the inexperienced gardener to think the plant is dry, and water more.

Fertilising (Step — Short Text)

All plants require a proper balance of nutrients, and the marguerite is no exception. For marguerites planted in the ground, use a granular fertiliser, scattering it under the plant according to the package directions.

Touch and Catch (Text + Widget, Small + Text)

A game of touch football burns fewer calories than full contact. In 30 minutes of play, a 200-pound person burns 396 calories, while a 150-pound person burns 297 calories. Tossing the ball around in the backyard, a 200-pound person burns 114 calories and a 150-pound person burns 86.

Football players must undergo a workout regimen that includes various types of training: weight, speed, conditioning, agility and flexibility. These workouts keep football players in top physical shape throughout the season, increasing strength, size, stamina, speed and quickness.

Touch and Catch (List + Widget)

  1. Measure the diameter of the cylinder. To measure the diameter, measure one circular end of the cylinder across the widest point. Your ruler or measuring tape should cross the center of the circle. Record the measurement in inches.
  2. Use your calculator to divide the length of diameter by 2. The result is the length of the radius. For example, if the measured diameter is 12 inches, the radius is 6 inches. Record the length of the radius.
  3. Measure the height of the cylinder in inches and record the result.

Take the Long View (H2 + Widget, Medium + Warning)

2022 March Madness Tournament Bracket (H2 + Text + Widget, Large)

March Madness is the most anticipated basketball tournament in America. 68 division 1 college teams face off in this single elimination tournament. Follow your favorite team below!

Puzzle (Widget, Game)

Place one piece of the puzzle teeth-side up in front of you. Arrange the piece so that it is perpendicular to your body. This is piece A.

Classroom Games (Step: Text + Widget)

Third-grade language arts standards require students to understand meanings of words and relationships between words that have similar meanings and words with opposite meanings. Synonym and antonym activities aid in mastery of this expectation by increasing the vocabularies of students. As they learn to distinguish between synonyms and antonyms, third-graders can better tackle the words in reading and use them in writing assignments.

Solitaire (Step: Widget, Game)

Place one piece of the puzzle teeth-side up in front of you. Arrange the piece so that it is perpendicular to your body. This is piece A.

Color Mixer (Step: Widget, Medium)

Create the different colors in a line across the palette, providing a gradient of the color from which you can choose which color to use and create more of any color you want, comparing it to the color in the gradient that you wish to use.

If you make the color too cool or light, you can add more of the original paint color.

Add water to the paint if it begins to harden or get too thick

Try our virtual color mixer to get your blend just right: