Free Jungle Theme Decorating Ideas

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Whether you are having a party, decorating a child's room to stimulate his imagination or just adding a few exotic touches to an office, a jungle theme can add freshness to a drab room. Jungle theme decor emphasizes lush green and bright colors and a look that is upbeat and stimulating.

Jungle Entrance Arch

Decorate the entrance to your room with a jungle arch. Paint vines on the wall or tack up plastic decorative vines. Add decals or painted pictures of monkeys, toucans, jaguars and other jungle animals. Alternately, make the arch pop by mounting jungle stuffed animals around and over the arch.

Animal Print

Animal print fabrics are an easy way to add a wild, jungle feeling to any room. Use zebra, tiger, leopard or any animal patterns for bed sheets, pillows and blankets and furniture upholstery. If your room features actual jungle animal decorations, echo those particular animals in the animal print you use. For example, if you have tigers in your jungle backdrop, use tiger print pillows to echo the color of their pelts.

Jungle Plants

Jungles conjure images of lush, overgrown foliage. Take your jungle theme into the room with jungle plants. You need not grow actual plants from the jungle: Anything with large, green leaves or an unusual shape can evoke the jungle in the imagination. Grow palms, ferns, ivy, peace lily and other leafy plants to bring a jungle look to your room.

Jungle Trim

Add some tropical realism to your jungle decorations with dried palm leaf thatching. Apply palm leaf thatch to the edges of tables and chairs, bed canopies and doorways. Complement it with bamboo floor mats and dividers to give everything a handmade, rough look that evokes the tropics.