Free Church Fund Raising Ideas

It’s a common mission for a church to have a fund raiser, whether it is to raise money for a needy cause or for something the congregation might want for themselves. Many times a church youth group would like to attend an event and need to raise the money in order to do so. Perhaps money needs to be raised in order to help a needy family. If your group is looking to raise money, consider a fund raiser that has no initial costs so that every penny can go to your goal.

Car Wash

A car wash is an easy way to raise money, and the youth members of the church will love being able to play in water. The members of the church supply the materials needed for washing the cars. The event can take place at the church or at a business location that would like to draw in more customers or advertise a special they may be having. The business normally will furnish the water for the car wash, free of charge.

Bake Sale

A bake sale is a great way for a church to raise some money. Members of church will donate items for the bake sale. To find a location, check the local newspaper for any events happening in the area. Often times there will not be a fee for a vendor set-up for a church or an organization raising money for a worthy cause. The bake sale is an easy physical task and even the elder members can enjoy helping with this type of fundraiser.

Silent Auction

A silent auction can bring in significant of money for a church. Members of the church can approach businesses for a donation, such as a free meal at a local restaurant or a bouquet of flowers from a florist. These items are then displayed along with paper for attendees to write down their bids. All of the proceeds will go to the church. This allows the donating business to advertise to the public and also show how they support a worthy cause.

Mom's Day Out

A "mom’s day out" is a popular fundraiser for a church. Set up a room in the church to accommodate children, and ask volunteers from the congregation to sign up for shifts watching the kids. The service can charge by the hour or by the day. It's free to set up, and offers a much-needed service at a trusted location for anyone needed a place to leave their children while they run a few errands. It is also a type of ongoing fundraiser that can be done each month or even each week. It is a good idea to take reservations in order to know how many members will be needed to help at the mom’s day out.