Free Birthday E-Cards for Children

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Children love to receive birthday cards. The trend toward eCards is continuously growing. Kids can now receive or send free eCards. Although many card companies offer eCards, some are not free. Free online cards are plentiful, and offer a variety of formats and characters. Adults can send free eCards to children, and children can send free eCards to family members or friends, at the click of a mouse button. offers a large selection of free eCards for kids to send or receive. Many of the free online cards are animated, as well as some with games. This free eCard site labels the card icons to indicate animated, songs, or games.

The site contains sections for birthday, friends, family, and other categories. This allows for a quick and easy way to find a free eCard to send to a child, or for a child to send to others., offers a variety of cards. Readers searching for kid birthday ecards will find a variety of animated cards, game cards, and singing cards on this site. Nearly thirty cards are listed in the 'just for kids' section. Kids can receive or send the free kid birthday cards in this section.

In addition, other sections on the site contain free ecards that kids can send to friends, parents, and other family members. The sections are labeled for easy searching on the site.

Kids up to ten years old will be able to use this site very easily to retrieve or send free eCards. offers a variety of animated and sound free online cards.

If readers have never used a free online card site, this is an easy one to begin with. As with many ecard sites, shows pictures of cards as icons to click on, which brings the card up for review, personalizing, and even trying out the game or sounds.

The free online card site, offers more than just free eCards. Special categories other than birthday cards are listed for searchers to explore. Kid awards, kid hobbies, sisters and brothers, school talk, toys, and pets, are just a few of the special icons to click into. Rather than sending a birthday eCard, searchers can select other categories to send to a birthday boy or girl.

Well-known Card Companies

Major brand card companies are also accessible online. However, all the cards and games offered on these sites are not free. Still, browsing through the items offered on the sites will reveal a few freebies., American, and Blue have a variety of online cards, including kids' birthday cards. Yet, many of their cards cost the consumer to order.
These sites also offer a subscription membership which allow some or most ecards to be ordered for free. Subscriptions offer additional features to paying members, as well. A free trial period for memberships are offered on many major brand sites.