How to Be a Fraternity Girlfriend

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Part of the excitement of college is the opportunity to explore new scenarios. You recently met the guy of your dreams but then he told you that he was a member of a fraternity. However, the time he is required to spend with his brothers doesn't mean he won't have time to date you. In fact, you can use the opportunity to show him you care by supporting his involvement within the fraternity.

Step 1

Learn everything you can about your boyfriend's fraternity and peruse his fraternity's national website for basic facts about his organization. Impress him with your knowledge of his Greek letters and the meaning behind his fraternity's colors. He'll he thrilled when you can tell him that Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia.

Step 2

Help your boyfriend out academically. Be supportive of his need to maintain a certain grade point average. According to the University of Michigan's Interfraternity Council, fraternities require members to make certain grades, based on requirements from the school or national chapter. Use this as an excuse to plan a study date as he prepares for exams.

Step 3

Understand that your boyfriend will need to spend time apart from you. There will be moments during meetings or events when he, as part of a brotherhood, will be with only men, and ladies won't be allowed. Don't take this personally and be supportive of that special bonding time with his brothers. To compensate for time apart, plan a date night that meets the needs of both your busy schedules and won't conflict with fraternity activities.

Step 4

Support your boyfriend during recruitment. This is a very busy time for members of a fraternity, so it also provides an excellent chance for you to show what a supportive girlfriend you are. While he won't be able to spend time with you personally due to meetings and recruitment parties, you can make him a gift basket filled with snacks and soda and then leave it in his dorm room. Decorate the basket with his fraternity's Greek letters and colors.

Step 5

Support the fraternity as a whole. Wear shirts displaying his fraternity's colors, letters and symbols. Let him see you drinking from a coffee mug showcasing his fraternity letters or place removable fraternity letters on your car window to show your support as you cruise around your college town. In addition, attend philanthropic events for his fraternity's charity throughout the school year.