Formal Styles for Teenage Guys

by Lisa Huston

Teenage guys who are contemplating what to wear for a formal event have more choices then they realize. Events such as proms, weddings and special occasions typically require at least a suit and tie, which is the foundation of a formal look. However, personal touches can enhance a suit by creating a modern look. Whether it is a first-time suit or a fashion update, teen males can find several formal-wear styles that are young, hip and trendy.


Classic white is the traditional color for a dress shirt. Opt for something nontraditional. A dark-blue shirt goes well with a gray suit. Patterned shirts, such as plaid, striped or small checks, are daring, but the style can be pulled off if done correctly. Shirts in black or baby blue denote a personal choice. Keeping shirts monochromatic provides a modern look when paired with a bright solid-color tie.


For events that require a suit, think outside the box. Young celebrities are a source for fashion ideas. Some are seen sporting deep red, pin-striped or silver jackets. Suits with vests in contrasting colors make a vintage style look hip. For instance, match a black vest with a gray suit. Tuxedo jacket lapels are offered either wide or thin, depending on personal preference. Try a colored or patterned shirt, such as a blue and black-striped shirt under a wide-lapel tux jacket to modernize a super formal look.


Ties are the eye-catcher of formal wear. Ties are available in a bow style or regular, which are wide or thin. Consider the suit and jacket lapels when deciding on a tie style or width. Wide lapels look better with wider ties. Try something different, such as a small-patterned tie with a super formal suit. Solid colors like in pastels, reds, blacks and grays are trendy among young celebrities. A red tie pairs well with a heather gray shirt or patterned shirt. A gray tie with a black shirt or vice versa creates a classic look.


Formal wear shoes have a rule to be followed: coordinate the color of the shoe with the color of the belt. Formal shoes are typically shiny leather and available in several styles. Black shoes are the conventional color that pairs well with monochromatic and dark-colored suits. Tie or slip-on styles are fashionable. Just make sure the shoes are comfortable.

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